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منصه اموالي منصة رقمية وسيطة بين شركات الاعلانات (المعلنين) وبين مقدمي المحتوي (الناشرين) بها جميع ادوات انشاء المقالات لصانعي المحتوي المفيد والقيم

Registration is very easy I have provided you more than one way to register and more than an explanation of the registration This first enter the section "Create an account" Write the evidence of registration registration or registration in the site through the social media easier to register and here ends registration on the site

In order to start working with us, you must create a professional and distinctive article that people are looking for and be useful, then your article is reviewed and published on our platform, then copy the link of your articles and publish it to your friends The more views on your articles, the more profits you will earn

The article will not be published until after it has been reviewed by the administration. The article must be not in violation, stolen or not following the laws of the site while making sure that everything is correct. The article will be approved and will be automatically archived in search engines and will be published on our platform

When you reach the minimum withdrawal limit for your profit, you can request payment. After requesting payment, we review your account and send you the revenue as soon as possible.

amwaly provides you with many withdrawal methods. You can find all the available methods by clicking on the control panel, then payments, and then choose withdrawal settings.

Until the process is completed, you have to go to the control panel, then payments on the withdrawal request, then request a withdrawal and wait for your revenues to arrive

When you reach the minimum withdrawal limit for your profit, you can request a withdrawal. After the withdrawal request, we review your account and send you the profits as soon as possible. It is immediate. For small amounts from 3 dollars to 20 dollars, we pay you on the same day of withdrawal or two days, but for amounts above 20 dollars We pay on the 21st of every month, provided that payment is requested before the date of payment

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...إخلاء مسئولية: جميع المقالات والأخبار المنشورة في الموقع مسئول عنها محرريها فقط، وإدارة الموقع رغم سعيها للتأكد من دقة كل المعلومات المنشورة، فهي لا تتحمل أي مسئولية أدبية أو قانونية عما يتم نشره.